Toy wars


Multiplayer, vehicular combat


3D models taken from asset pack and UI requested from artists

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Indie project


Google play store

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6 monthsh

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See tools


Twisted metal inspired game that places you in a city arena where the player will have to face other players in a death combat until the last person standing rises.
Use a big variety of weapons at your disposal accross the arena to get advantage and be the best of the toy world.

Videos and screenshots

Icon of the app
Tutorial scene
Level design and game balance
Gameplay scene
Development and testing multiplayer with PHOTON and UNITY
Main Menu
Unlockeable Characters

Toy wars its a action-shooter multiplayer game for mobile phones made with Unity that is based of the videogame Twisted Metal and is able to get players into matchs up to 4 players at the same time. All players are placed into different corners of the map and each one of them have to collect weapons around the map in order to defeat all the other playes in the area. The game has 3 unlockeable vehicles and 1 default vehicle, these vehicles can vary between diferent types of tanks and combat helicopters.

The map has a manager that gets in charge of every item that spawns in the arena and whenever the player picks up a weapon, it can replace the current weapon or add it to his invetory. Theres also events around the map that can randomly occur depending on the lenght of the match, the longer, the more intense it will become. The game also features destructeable buildings, allowing the players to create new ways to attack or flank the other players. For the networking i had to implement the technology of Photon and i had to build a basic lobby for the matchmaking.

The game is still published to this day even though the game has no active servers at the moment, due to i cannot afford paying for them and it was created as my final project for the 3th semester of the career at Amerike

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