Rolly Vortex Advanced


Supercasual / endless runner


Taken from a humble bundle

Role in Proyect:

All roles done by me

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Google app Store

Development time:

3 weeks

Year of development:


Tools used:

See tools


Super casual game created with the goal of being part of a challenge for myself that is all about creating a game of a genre and scale to increase my skills while i improve on my coding skills.

Videos and Screenshots

Customizable game for the player
Difficulties that can be expanded easily
Lose screen with rewards
28 characters to unlock, each with different animations
8 game themes to unlock

The game was inspired by the already know Rolly Vortex type of game, but in this case i wanted to do more than just replicate what is already a Rolly Vortex game is.

So in order to complete that i had to think ways of improving and making the already existing mechanics of the game, so it has my own touch to it and makes it more dynamic than the rest out there.

First i started working on the main core of the game, whit some twist, from what i could gather from other rolly vortex games, the rings/obstacles most of the times come out on the same pattern, and usually the game state remains the same until the end, so the modifiers that i added are the following:

  1. 6 difficulty levels with custom difficulty settings and very extendable for the future
  2. 8 different power ups to add some spicy juice to the gameplay
  3. Dinamic generation of pickeables (powerups and gems), so they arent so easy to predict where will they appear
  4. Customizable characters, music, game themes

Im thinking about expanding the game more, depending on how much free time i have, but for a version 1.0, i feel that i can consider it completed, even though i can still pulish it more so it has a better quality when it comes to effects and feedback to the player.

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