Rat's Tale


Adventure, Semi-open world


Poly sinty studio, Freelancer artists, made by the team

Role in Proyect:

Main programmer, Level design, Game Balance

Type of proyect:

Indie project


Not yet, will be on steam soon!

Development time:

6 months as for today 11/26/2022

Year of development:

2023 possible

Tools used:

See tools


Take the role as the father of a group of little rat babies that had to leave their home because of their mother and now it's up to you to feed them and take care of them until they grow up.

(Not all the features are shown here yet, come back soon!)

Videos and screenshots

The protagonist of the game
Every room in the world has their own spawn information and parameters to make every playthrough different
Enemy rats lurking and stealing food

Rats Tale is currently my biggest project yet, and the one im looking foward to show as soon as possible, since it has everything that i've learned through the years of studying and working as a game developer.

The game is about a little Rat that has to take care of his babies after his wife left him for another rat. And for that he took the babies with him into a new home, where now he has to discover how is he gonna deal with taking care of his babies, while also facing the hazards that awaits him.

I'm responsible for almost all aspects of the game and some of the features that i have implemented are still being tested and waiting for the final tweak.

  1. The player has a level up system that can allow him to make the rat smarter, allowing him to detect poisoned food, smelling food quality and more!
  2. Every baby the player has to take care about has own criteria on what are his needs and also how long do they need to be taken cared for until they reach adult age
  3. The game has a night/day cycle with events depending on the day/hour
  4. Spawn system for all the food that can be taken by the player, every area on the house has its own criteria to spawn certain type of food and % of rarity
  5. In adition to that every food has qualities depending on its rarity, and can give the player some extra bonuses depending on what does the food generation gives him
  6. There's 2 main enemies on this game, the first one being other rats looking for food aswell, these rats lurk around the different areas of the house stealing/eating the food and they won't be happy if they see another rat that isn't from the hood looking for their food
  7. The second enemy and the main antagonist is the families cat, which will be patrolling around the house and will be paying attention to any nouse the player does when moving around.
  8. And thirdly but not really an enemy, but something that has a prescence in the house is the owners, that will be posioning the food and setting up traps for the players.

Currently this projects has three people involved:
  1. Koko (me), as the main programmer of the game
  2. Lorena, game designer and the one keeping me optimistic
  3. Uriel, technical artist

Features still in development:
  1. Several maps
  2. Platforming and puzzle solving
  3. More interactive stuff on the map
  4. More features are still in debate

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Spine Animator

Visual Studio


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