Super Mario Bros Clone




From the original game

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Prototyping / Learning



Development time:

1 Week

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Recreation of the main mechanics in Unity of the old game Super Mario Bros

Videos and Screenshots

Random level re created from Super mario bros
Levels were recreated from start to finish

This protoype is part of the old games that i wanted to recreate when i started using Unity. My goal was to recreate the main mechanics of the game, while also trying to mimic the same feeling of the original game, this included the behaviours from the enviroment and enemies like:

  1. Enemies who crashed into each other would turn and move in the opposite direction.
  2. Koopas would have different behaviours depending on its current state (jumping and moving to only moving to staying still and if the player kicked it, move in the foward direction and hitting enemies
  3. Pipes could:

    -Warp you to different places
    -Have a plant come out of them for a brief time
  4. Plants could also launch fireballs at the players direction
  5. Bricks had different stages and could give:


Looking back at it now that im more experience i can notice the lack of design patterns and constant use of public variables and hardcoded stuff, but it surely was fun to make and it's a nice look-back to what i used to do on my first proyects.

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