Little Dungeon


First person / puzzle


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Role in Proyect:

Programmer & Level designer

Type of proyect:

Prototyping / Learning



Development time:

1 Month

Year of development:


Tools used:

See tools


Development of a first person character controller for a small puzzle game of which i did the entire level design to test my skills on the topic

Videos and screenshots

Start of the game
Level layout for the second map

More about the project

This is one of the first projects that created when i started using unity, the goal of this project was to learn the basics of a first person controller and use it to create a mini puzzle game.

Some of the features implemented on the game were:

  1. Fully customizable character controller that implements the basics of what makes one. Some of the cuztomizable fields are:

    -Walking speed in four directions, being foward the full value while side-walk and backwards have a penalty of the total amount
    -Crouching and letting the player reach new areas, this crouching mechanic also has its own speed penalty when moving in all four directions
    -Jumping with the height amount and gravity scale
  2. Stamina bar for the player so he cant jump/run all the time
  3. Being able to interact with different objects from the world, like scrolls on the wall, dropped items, doors, crates, etc.
  4. Key-door systems and also doors that require the completion of a puzzle to open

After creating all the features, the levels were the next step and it was a first time thinking about the layout and how to place everything so it looks as good as i can possible think of.

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