Kooky shooting


Super casual game


Worked with an artist

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Type of proyect:

Indie project


Published in the appstore, but taken down

Development time:

1 month

Year of development:


Tools used:

See tools


Super casual game about shooting incoming enemies that get stronger the further you travel

Videos and screenshots

Icon for the app
Gameplay, start of the game
Ultrashot powerup
Shield powerup and progressive difficulty

Kooky shooting is my first developed and published game ever, it was developed with Corna IDE and LUA. The game is an hyper causal game where the player controls the shooting of a spaceship that is trying to evade the incoming enemies while also charging up his energy that allos the player to shot an amazing laser that destroys everything it touches.

The game was published back in 2019 but it got removed by the playstore for apperantly breaking terms of users, i tried to appeal for it but the playstore did not let the game to keep being up.

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Tools used |Herramientas utilizadas


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