HALO CE: Bustom Build Level




Taken from the original game, custom build

Role in Proyect:

Level designer

Type of proyect:

Prototyping / Learning


Airs of halo design document

Last Marines design document

Development time:

2 months

Year of development:


Tools used:

See tools


Halo CE has a lot of secrets, some were told some weren't, a lot was left to the imagination of the person who played the game, but here we can take a look at what happened between those gaps and the characters who were involved on it.

Videos and Screenshots

Main enemy for the level
Horde of floods ready to attack the covenant survivors
More floods and covenant about to fight
Entire level with structures made by myself
Entire level starts and finishes on a banshee

This is a complementary level creadted and designed by me for, as part of my game design class in which i had the objective to pick a game and create an entire level from scratch that would complement the main storyline of the game, in this case i picked Halo, since it was one of my favorite games.

The level was designed to fill a plothole that was never explained between the last and Penultimate level of the main campaing, where Master chief was seen leaving the main covenant ship on a banshee, but as we could see at the beginning of the cinematic for the last level, Master chief arrived with the banshee all damaged and about to blow.

So being said that i digged on what could have happened between and theres where "The Airs of Halo" idea came in, a level that not only makes use of (in my opinion) the most fun and and least used vehicle in the game, a level where the entire goal for the player is to make use of this amazhing vehicle and travel across a battlefield between the remaninig covenant and the flood, while also running away from the master ship that has been chasing Master Chief since the beginning. I managed to dig out the original files from the game and import them into unity to make use of them, even though i had some issues with the textures (as you can see on the covenant ship shader), but im very happy with the result and after it i did some work with another level, to explore the last remaining marines that Master chief left when he was taken to the library.

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