Hybrid casual


Made by the team

Role in Proyect:

Lead programmer

Type of proyect:

Project for a game studio


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Development time:

5 months

Year of development:


Tools used:

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Explore the prehistoric world and gather resources to upgrade your caveman until it becomes the dominant specie


First cave of the game
Dinosaur killed by the player and being farmed
Taking a ride on a dino
Upgrading your tools and craftings

DinoWorld is a project made in colaboration with One Simple Game studio, as i was doing my professional practices with them for 6 months. The game is an hybrid casual that wanted to mimic the mobile game "My Little Universe" type of gameplay, but with a different twist and different mechanics.

The game is about a caveman that has to gather resources to upgrade his tools and cave (main area), while trying to survive on an enviroment filled with dinosaurs.

My work in the project was as the lead programmer of the game and i was in charge of making the following:

  1. The main character controller and inventory system,
  2. Implementation of all the assets given by the art team and other programmers.
  3. Upgradeable tools and resource gathering (including effects)
  4. Integration of all the features of the other programmers into the main repository, making sure the repository is stable and all features work
  5. Talking with the art and game design team to get the best outcome possible with the best perfomance
  6. Bug fixing any major bug

Sadly the project was turned down and the development stopped but it was a nice experience to be workign as a lead programmer.

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